AMS And FP (Forced Performance) BMW Turbo Project

AMS And FP (Forced Performance) have worked together for years on projects and turbo tuning. As of late we both have kept quiet about the possibility of an FP HTA Turbo option for the N54. We both agreed today that it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

Over the past few months Robert Young the president of FP has been busy. FP has been busting at the seams making HTA Garret Turbo’s and bolt on turbos for a whole line of cars. When I contacted Rob about the possibility of upgrading the stock TD03’s on the N54 a couple of months ago he said sure…in fact he was already looking into it.

As of last week I shipped a set of stock N54 Turbo’s to Rob to be updated and sent back for AMS testing. The lead time for this is still a little gray as Rob needs to make sure he pairs this turbo with just the right combination and work his HTA magic. HTA is a relatively new form of turbo technology Rob developed for his turbos using a Billet aluminum compressor wheel to allow for not only a lighter but better performing compressor wheel.

For those that are unsure about FP’s track record in the turbo community….its SPOTLESS!! Rob and his staff have worked miracles with turbo’s. We here at AMS would not think of sending or working with any other company on a project like this.

It doesn’t end there though. AMS plans on offering a tuning solution for these bolt on turbo upgrades for plug and play integration on your N54 powered car. As with most of the cars we cater to a full staged modification path with tuning solutions will be available in the near future for the N54 using our already announced parts and some more that we are keeping a little close to the chest.

Stay tuned as new developments unfold on this project

For more information on FP or AMS please visit the following links

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