The AMS Genesis coupe is HERE!!! Let the modding BEGIN!!!

As of 3pm this afternoon we picked up our first Genesis 2.0T Track coupe. Our special projects technician Ivan Phipps just signed the paperwork. We drove it right to the shop and started our long but detailed analysis of what needs to be done.

1. The exhaust is pretty bottlenecked as we expected…big room for improvement there
2. There is CAVERNOUS room for an AMS Turbo kit so see that in the very near future
3. IC pipe and an intake should be able to be worked up very quickly
4. The tuners here are already on the case for re mapping the ECU
5. Looks to be a returnless fuel system so we will have to fix that.
6. Speed density for air metering so a vent to atmosphere BOV should work without a hitch on the car

I can go on all day but how about some pictures to start

Ivan is going to jump in here tonight for a much more in depth analysis


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