AMS Ralliart hits the drag strip!

Here’s the breakdown of the evening.

I left work an hour early to fight the traffic to the track. I decided to take the back roads to stay off the tollways, as they are usually a disaster. I get to the track right at 7 and its open till 9. I’m thinking I had better hurry and tech in to get 2-3 runs. When I pulled up to the pits, there are MAYBE 30 cars total!

Conditions are pretty cool, high 40s or so. The track was very slick, you can see and hear the car spinning on the in car camera. The car should run good in the cold but I was worried as an Evo X there was struggling with 1.9 60’s spinning badly.

The car has an AMS test pipe, AMS UICP/FMIC combo, AMS upgraded BOV, AMS Ralliart Intake kit, AMS Flash and boost pill. It looks, drives, and sounds dead stock. Gas tank has a little over a half tank, everything is in the car minus the front under tray.

Now keep in mind, I have only driven a stock Ralliart twice, and had never launched one. On the first run, I foot brake it to around 3k and let go. It takes off like a bat out of hell, spinning the tires! Sweet!!! Then about 75 feet later, it awards me with the “Slow Down!” sign and no throttle. Needless to say the first run was aborted. It did pull a 1.818 60′ time though. I drove back to the pits and give some time for things to cool down.

I go back up for round 2. I took it easy on the foot brake and the car leaves much easier, but runs smooth down the track. Feels pretty good.
1.960 60′
8.395 1/8
83.75 mph
10.948 1000
13.127 1/4
103.30 mph

3rd times a charm? I hold the foot brake a bit longer, comes out better. I decided to switch over to manual shift after 3rd and it rewards me by shifting to 5th immediately. I just stayed in it and hoped for the best.
1.900 60′
8.280 1/8th
83.29 mph
10.863 1000
13.057 1/4

I went back to the pits and yanked the spare, cover, and jack out of the trunk to make up for the heavy stock catback and fuel I had in the car.

So close, this ones gonna be it! I hold the brake even longer, careful to stay under the cut off mark. Car launches nicely, here we go!
1.866 60′
8.235 1/8th
84.60 mph
10.766 1000
12.924 1/4
104.29 mph

YES!!!!!!!!!! I knew it before I even got the slip! I look back at the camera thru the rear view on the return road and said “you just rode in the first 12 second 2009+ Ralliart pass ever!”

I get back to the pits, make a few phone calls and decide to let the car cool down and see if I could launch it just a bit harder without tripping the safe mode. The staging lanes are closing in 15 minutes so this was my last chance. I hold the brake almost as long as the first time and the thing comes out spinning on the cold track.
1.824 60′
Then, it gets sideways and I start sawing the wheel to keep it straight. It keeps moving around and I knew that someone must have sprayed coolant all over the track. I get it straight and keep my foot in it
8.239 1/8th
84.19 mph
10.781 1000
12.950 1/4
103.89 mph

The loss of traction probably cost me a 12.8. I told the time slip booth the right lane was effed and he just chalked it up to the cold. Then 5 minutes later I guy on the PA said they’re just going to run the rest of the cars out of the left lane till closing time. It does look cool on video though!

Click Below For Video

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