AMS GT-R Turbo and exhaust testing HUGE GAINS.

Many of you have been following our threads on some of the new products we are working on. The two that have gained the most attention are the AMS bolt on turbo upgrades and also our new Cast downpipes. Well we finally got some time to do some testing and tuning thanks to Sharif and the guys over at Forged Performance.

Below is a dyno of our project GT-R. The modifications could not be any simpler.

You will see two plots

Both on 93 octane

The red plot has the following modifications:

AMS Turbo’s
850cc injectors
AMS Mid pipe and exhaust
Cobb Access port with an AMS/Forged Performance tune
Forge Actuators

587 whp and 555 ft lbs of torque

The blue plot is the same car but now with our new Cast Downpipes…WOW!!!!!

The turbo’s are spooling 500 rpm quicker and the mid range is just INSANE!!! Previously at 3500 rpm we were seeing about 10 psi of boost. With the downpipes we are now seeing 20! up top you can see a 25 – 25 whp gain just about EVERYWHERE!

AFR’s also went a decent amount leaner which is a sign they are workign as they are moving more air.

We need to tweak the map a bit and clean up the AFR’s and throw some more timing at it but right now these turbos, exhaust are working exactly like we had hoped!!!

AMS Cast Downpipes
AMS Cast Downpipes
AMS GT-R Turbo Upgrade
AMS GT-R Turbo Upgrade

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