Ryan Upham AMS Sponsored Evo VIII: NASA Blackhawk farms 2nd Place!

This past weekend was the NASA Midwest Blackhawk Farms event. Prior to this event I have only ever done HSAX at this track, so I was excited to see what I could lay down in a flying lap. This event in my class TT-S held some stiff competition, Geffery Swatelle who currently owns every track record in the midwest and who is a repeat top finisher at National events was in attendance. So knowing this I knew this would be no walk in the park, but I wouldnt want it any other way!

Day 1:

The event started off with some heavy rain that eventually calmed down to a constant drizzle. I missed qualifying and was forced to go into the first timed session In last place. After a cautious wet session on slicks I managed a 1:44 and some change which was good enough to grid third for the first afternoon session. It was a very long and dry two hour wait till we hit the track but when we did the track conditions were almost perfect. I spent the whole session glued to Geffrey’s bumper untill we hit traffic. Timed runs after first dry session dropped down to 1:16.7 for Geffery and a 1:17.1 for myself. I was very impressed with my times as my best HSAX to date was a 1:19.1, but back in the pits I was running over 40psi and had to make some obvious adjustments. Back on the track for session 4 Geffery led the way out, after hot lap 1 Geffery went wide on turn 7 into the front straight and it was a drag race! it took the whole straight but I managed to take him on the inside into turn one! After the session ended the times were 1:15.4 for Geffery and 1:15.7 for me. I was amazed my car achieved these times, at this point and the remainder of the event we were the two fastest cars in Time Trials. Are times never dropped below this as a race group accident caused a shortage of track time in session 5. Geffery and his Z06 were fast enough for first and I was happy with an extremely close second by three tenths of a second to a very experienced driver like him.

Day 2:

After a very competitive day 1 I was ready to take a first! Qualifying was looking good as I put many lengths on the cars behind me as I headed out first! 4 laps in, coming out of 3a’s quick left I applied the brakes for a hard right and locked them up and slid off the track. I noticed right away all three indicator ACD light were on and knew there could be some major set backs ahead. realizing that my ACD was in limp mode and that many other systems were affected I pitted the Evo. After many attempts and phone calls I was forced to retire the event after putting a 2:07 to obtain some points. Ben Grham made it out and was running in TT-S as well, posting times in the 1:17’s. I believe he secured a second place finish! Geffery doubled the weekend with back to back firsts and I loaded up my trailer….

Amazing weekend with more problems than I like, but that is racing. I cant thank my sponsors enough, AMS, Stance suspension, and Girodisc once again supplied quality and reliability! Running times that many people said may not be achievable on a stock turbo, it was one hell of a weekend and I am looking forward to future events with NASA and the Nationals more than ever!

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