AMS Lancer Ralliart with an FP Red installed.

AMS Lancer Ralliart W/FP Red Turbo

After putting the EVO X turbo on the Ralliart for a while with good success we hooked up with Forced Performance and decided to throw their venerable FP Red on it!

Many people are very anxious about the ability of the SST to hold up to upgraded power levels. We are very curious what it will be able to handle as well.

The AMS Ralliart current has installed on it:

AMS Down pipe back exhaust
AMS Intake
AMS Boost Pill
AMS Small Battery Kit
AMS Prototype SST transmission cooler kit
AMS Custom Tune using ECUTeK
FP Red Turbo
DW 800cc injectors

After a bit of rescaling tables that previously never needed to be touched on the GSR’s or the other MR’s with smaller turbos, I got it tweaked out to the numbers seen below. This is using the factory single solenoid boost control system and one of our boost pills as well. Boost hits about 24-25psi and only drops to about 22 by redline.

The car now makes over 150whp more than it did from the factory. With the help of our friends at ECUTeK we now also have the ability to firm up the shifts on the SST, which helps it slip less when changing gears and also heat up the fluid less. It *MAY* increase the clamp load, but I am not 100% sure on that yet. Currently our SST transmission is showing no signs of slippage at all when under power.

I am very pleased with the results. This turbo makes about 60 more whp than the stock turbo did in the higher RPM range, which is exactly what I would expect from and upgrade like this.

AMS Lancer Ralliart W/FP Red Turbo

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