30 Victories, 4 Seasons, 1 AMS Engine!

30th Victory for AMS TA1, points leader in the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship Series

The second round of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship was held at the Bushy Park circuit in Barbados on August 30th 2009. David had won the previous three races of round 1 at his home track of Dover Raceway in Jamaica but was not the favorite to win in Barbados. Locals Mark Maloney with a RX3, Stuart Maloney in an EVO 5 and Roger Myers in a Ex WRC Ford Focus, who holds the track record at Bushy, were the crowd favorites for sure.

The night before the qualifying TA1 was unloaded from its shipping container. The team scrambled to assemble and repair the car from the previous race.

In Qualifying on Saturday David had to qualify with TA1. The car was not fully prepared and David had little practice or sleep. David managed a 3rd place grid position for the first race once the dust had settled. There were some other cars that out qualified him but they were regulated to the back due to some rule infractions. Things became even more interesting when the organizers inverted the grid and David now had slower cars now in front of him.

At the start of the first race just after the pace laps the Pace car caused a chain reaction collision and TA1 was damaged badly. David had to leave the track missing race one.

The crew quickly went to work and salvaged what they could, with race two only an hour away the radiator had to be replaced along with the intercooler. Luckily they were able to quickly source these from another Jamaican competitor’s Subaru. Amazingly the crew was able to make the combination fit and function and David was ready for the 2nd race.

Starting in second to last position on the grid with a bandaged TA1 all hoped for the best. To everyone’s surprise David was able to work his way through the traffic and challenge the leaders in the first couple of laps. After some amazing driving the only car he was unable to catch was the wicked RX 3 driven by Mark Maloney. David finished second and took valuable points towards the championship and a dose of confidence into the final race.

In race three David started in the second grid spot. TA1 charged to the lead out powering the RX 3 coming to the first corner. Passing his rival and crowd favorite Mark Maloney in his Red Bull sponsored three rotor RX3 on the outside of the corner he never looked back. David cruised to victory after the RX3 spun in the closing laps trying to match the pace of David and TA 1.

With this victory TA1 scores it’s 30th 1st place win over four seasons of hard racing and all on the original AMS 2.3 liter engine! This latest victory firmly places David as the points leader in the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship Series.

More info on AMS TA1: https://www.amsperformance.com/ams_timeattackevo.php

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