AMS Porsche 996TT is ready for Texas Mile

We’re about ready to leave for Texas so I wanted to give an update on our car and what we’ve done to it. Surprisingly, very little! We’ve been testing our new billet K16 upgrades on our X50 car and are very happy with the results. Tony at EPL has been doing remote tuning and the car putting down some serious power for the limited mods. I’m really hoping to go around 190mph with the car and hopefully we can squeeze a little more out of it.

The current mods on our car are:

AMS K16 Billet turbo upgrades
JIC Titanium exhaust with AMS test pipes
5 bar FRP
72lbs/hr injectors
Carbonetics triple plate clutch
EPL flash
Everything else is still stock down to the factory paper air filter.

The stock clutch wouldn’t even come close to holding the torque on the pump gas tune, it slipped immediately in 4th gear. We got a Carbonetics in quickly and so far it’s holding up great.

Here are some dyno sheets and pics of the car.

93 octane on SAE correction, about 21psi of boost (1.4 bar)

MS109 Race Gas with SAE correction at 1.55 bar

MS109 on STD correction factor

K16 Billet turbo’s, exhaust, injectors & race gas Vs. Stock (X50)

For reference our 996tt in it’s current form vs. a stock C6 Z06

I want to put the car on our scales before we leave tonight to get a final # on it. Stock with spare tire and all it was 3410lbs. The Carbonetic clutch took off about 17lbs, the exhaust about 25lbs, and I’m guess in the spare tire and tools another 35-45lbs. Hoping to get it as close to 3300 lbs as possible even though that won’t matter much in the mile.

I want to thank Tony at EPL for working with us and developing a tune for these new Billet K16’s we’ve done. I’ll have our racepack G2X at Texas so I’ll be able to get some 60-130 data on the car too. See you guys down there, we’ll be in the big NOS Energy Drink rig, stop by and say hi.

-Martin Musial

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