AMS Billet K16’s go 133.3mph at the drag strip.

After our Texas Mile outing I decided to take our 996tt to the drag strip to see what it would do. I got there last night at 8:15 and they were closing at 9, I had to be quick!

Just to clear things up I wasn’t going for a low ET, but for MPH to back up the power we’re making on our billet K16’s. The clutch that’s in there right now is very hard to modulate on a launch and I didn’t want to break the transmission. So now that I have my excuse out of the way on to the results.

First pass and the only good pass:

11.39 at 133.29 mph!

Basically rolling it off the line and decent shifting but nothing stellar as had some issues with the clutch not disengaging all the way so it was hard to get it into the gears.

Second pass came out very soft (2.3 sec 60′) and would not go into 3rd (grind!), coasted for a while, put it back in and went 128.05 mph. Third pass came out harder and ran really good in the first two gears and then ground 3rd pretty hard and took a few tried to get it into 4th.. best 1/8th mile mph though at 105.89 but only 132.97mph due to 4th gear.

After the third pass I could barely get it into first gear from a stop, the clutch just wouldn’t disengage. Had to actually put it in gear with the car off and then start it. I think a healthy drivetrain with a good launch might have netted a 134-135mph.

Cross 80mm Titanium exhaust
AMS billet K16’s
AMS fab’ed test pipes
EPL tune (mix of 93 octane and MS109 gas)
72 lbs/hr injectors
5 bar FPR
Carbonetics triple plate carbon clutch
Everything else is stock down to the paper air filter.


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