AMS Make 746WHP on the EVO X with a STOCK ECU!!!

Recently we had a customer purchase our Sport Compact Car Ultimate Street Car Challenge winning EVO X. The customer wanted to bump up the horsepower into the 700 range. Because this had never been done before, I was a bit skeptical that I could get it to work, and we had him settle on a low to mid 600whp number instead.

At the customers request we went ahead and installed some new parts:

  • AMS Kit with AMS TAX850R Turbo (coming out soon!)
  • AMS 2.2L Motor
  • AMS Custom Fuel system with parallel walbro in-lines
  • AMS Custom Intake pipe
  • AMS Standard FMIC
  • AMS Fuel Rail
  • 3-port ECU controlled boost
  • Kelford 214-B cams
  • Deatschwerks 1000cc injectors @50psi

This car now makes power just like our award winning time attack car! We were able to far exceed our goals and make very close to the same power with the STOCK ECU in the car. I/we had to overcome a few obstacles to get this work well with the stock ecu, but we now have it worked out so that it still drives and runs very well too!

While I am sure this car is making some records right now, I am not sure which ones and by how much! Needless to say, I believe the customer is going to be quite ecstatic about the power the car makes.

746WHP and 565ft lbs!!

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