Tim Sanders is stepping up his game! AMS GT-R turbo Kit number 2!

Many of you remember our thread earlier this year about Tim sanders bringing his GT-R for what will be our AMS SR800 Package. Recently Tim left the sunny confines of Florida to the bitter winter of Chicago to visit AMS. While he was here he saw the future AMS V-band turbo kit being developed first hand on Chucks GT-R. That was all it took.

Tim kindly asked if he too could be used a development car for our GT-R Turbo kit program. One of the big setbacks to this project is that we are also developing a full motor program for the GT-R. It has been very difficult to research both of these areas at the same time. By adding Tim’s car to the group we can now continue turbo kit development on his car and start focusing more on engine development on Chucks GT-R. While all of this is going on Franks white GT-R will be showcasing the AMS SR800 package which will be hitting the dyno late next week. Its a GT-R FRENZY here at AMS!!!!!

Thanks to Tim’s involvement in this build we can develop this kit even quicker and bring it the public in a timely fashion. Tim also has taken our recommendation on turbo selection. The turbo’s chosen for Tim’s car are a bit more on the tame side compared to Chuck. We hope to produce in the realm of 850whp with close to stock like spool! Turning Tim’s car into one HELL of a GT-R! The kit will also allow Tim to upgrade to a larger set of turbo’s in the future in case he wants to smack chuck or other low flying planes around smile.gif

Stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of Tim’s car now. The motor is now out and ready to be taken apart. While we wait on custom AMS pistons for the Carillo rods already here we are continuing turbo kit development.

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