We apologize for the lack of photos of the build, but we hope this will be welcome news to the Genesis Coupe 2.0T community.  With Nica’s approval, we decided to take a different approach with the upgrade of her Genesis turbo system. Upon further review, we decided to go all the way with a full turbo kit  since it would only help Nica reach her final horsepower goal of 400+whp anyway. This convinced us to revisit a plan that we had to co-engineer a Genesis turbo kit with our good friends at CP-E.  To help everyone better understand the situation, CP-E and AMS had plans to develop a turbo kit for the Genesis which was placed on hold due to a lack of a tuning solution at the time. Some of you may remember the 3D CAD print of a tubular header design for the coupe. Well, it was sent out to CP-E a few months ago to aid in the development of their manifold design. No compelling discussion took place since then to drive the project forward, but upon viewing this thread, the guys at CP-E contacted us with news that their prototype manifold was complete and that they would be able to ship it to us immediately for installation on Nica’s Genesis. This conversation with CP-E got the wheels turning and the AMS/CP-E joint venture on the Genesis Turbo Kit was back in full swing once again!

The plan for Nica’s car now is to employ a smaller variation of our 750R turbo along with CP-E’s fabricated prototype manifold. Once the full extent of this prototype turbo kit is determined, the kit will be available (with a tubular cast manifold for added reliability and performance) to the public as the AMS Performance/CP-E Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T Cast V-Band Turbo Kit. The build continues on throughout the week. Please check back for more updates!

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