In the previous post, Ivan had finished work on the exhaust header and fuel system. With the header and turbo properly aligned, the compressor housing was removed. This was done so that it could be modified to connect to the intercooler piping.

Once again, the production piece will be available as a solid cast stainless steel unit and will be modeled off this tubular prototype header supplied by CP-E.

With this turbo kit, a conical K&N filter and 4 inch intake piping will take the place of the stock air-box yet still retain the stock ram-air style feed.

A TiAL BOV will connect to the intercooler piping via a v-band flange and connector.

This kit will come standard with a 38mm TiAL wastegate which will also be secured using a v-band connection.

This kit will incorporate a full v-band connection system in its design. Turbo inlet and outlet as well as wastegate inlet and outlet.

All adjustments to the intercooler piping and intake piping have been completed and have been sent off for powder-coating. When these aluminum pieces come back, they will have an extremely durable black finish. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as the build continues.

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