Since our last post, Eric Jones, was able to complete the design and build of the front undertray. The intercooler piping, the twin wastegate setup/dump tubes and exhaust have all been fitted along with the air-to-water intercooler. Currently, Shane is at work mounting the radiator. With a bit more riveting, the aluminum plates on the front fascia will be secured and after speaking with the guys from fabrication, the AMS EVO VIII Drag Car should be finished and ready for tuning in a few more days!

The undertray is now complete and adjoined to the front bumper/fascia.

Cardboard template used by Eric Jones to create aluminum plating for the front bumper.

Twin wastegate set-up with dump tubes directed outwards to the passenger side of the AMS Drag Evo.

The painstaking task of fabricating the air-to-water intercooler was achieved with precise measurements using our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and hours of sheet metal work and welding.

After hours of work on the intercooler, Shane begins work on mounting the radiator.

A Few more random shots of the turbo setup.


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