AMS Nissan GT-R Track car build for a customer- Update #1

Some updated Pictures for Everyone. Eric Jones has been busy with the tear down of this soon to be track GT-R.

Again this is going to be a TRACK ONLY project so the first step to take is to completely remove the interior so that a VERY comprehensive roll cage can go in its place. Safety is the one thing not to play around with.

On to the tear down!!

First step is to get a baseline on weight. So we tossed the big girl on the scales…3908!

Now that we have our stock weight….its time for a tear down!!

To build the cage the proper way we have to remove all interior pieces including the dash

And now the Dash comes OUT!

The doors are being replaced in lieu of some lighter carbon fiber counterparts. At 68 lbs each we stand to shed some serious LB’S!

Now to remove the dash bar for roll cage fabrication and installation.

Our once perfectly stock GT-R is now starting to look like its half way done on the assembly line smile.gif

We will keep you posted as the build progresses. So far things are moving very quickly!

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