AMS Denmark VS AMS Germany Drag EVO battle!

There has been a friendly battle brewing between AMS Germany & AMS Denmark Drag EVOs. Last year Lars piloted the AMS Denmark EVO to a 9.21 @ 162 MPH run taking the title of Denmark’s fastest car. Later on Lars also managed a 9.01 @ 156.18 MPH ¼ mile pass earning the title of Europe’s Fastest and Quickest EVO.  However Paul Dziubek and AMS Germany have been catching up to Lars times and recently the team managed to blast off a 9.09@ 156 MPH quarter mile pass with the car only running 2.5 bar of boost. Knowing there is plenty left on the table AMS Germany called out Denmark to a duel, naturally Lars accepted the challenge. In preparations for the race the Denmark evo has undergone some major changes including a slew of AMS go fast goodies  and even an AMS Drag EVO custom turbo kit as pictured below.

Here are some videos of both of the cars in action:

The duel is scheduled to take place at the 2010 ROW Race Days which is coming up this weekend ( September 3-5th)  at the Arfild Rotenburg Wumme in Germany. We wish the best of luck to both of the teams with hopes of seeing some 8 second passes!

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