AMS Reviews The Innovate Motorsports OT-2 Wideband Bundle

Recently we installed a wideband Air Fuel Meter on our Shop GT-R from Innovate motorsports and thanks to the OT-2 we didn’t even have to mount a gauge in the car.

The OT-2 is a great on board diagnostic tool that requires just about zero installation. The nicest feature of the system is its ability to have a wideband sensor input allowing a user to have a gauge in the car without actually installing a gauge thanks to Bluetooth technology.

OT-2: :  More Info Can Be Found Here.
OT-2 Wideband Bundle:   More Info Can be Found Here.

Below is a review by Scott Priebe a technician at AMS

It’s rare that a product comes through these doors that really makes me say “that’s pretty darn cool”. But I must say, the Innovate OT-2 Bluetooth meter did just that and more, as I began working with it and finding all of the different features that is has to offer my enthusiasm for how awesome this device is grew. With the OT-2 you can monitor all of the sensor readings your ECU sees right from your iPhone or iPod touch. As if that wasn’t enough this device features a virtual dyno, obd2 scanner and an efficiency meter to even help you be more fuel efficient. Installation couldn’t be easier, you simply plug it into your obd2 port, download the Logworks program that is available for free from the iTunes store and connect. It’s simple as that. Also with the OT-2 you can turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a wireless wideband air fuel ratio meter. This setup fit the bill perfectly when it came time to install a wideband into our New Nissan R35 GT-R here at the shop. These vehicles have beautiful interiors and the idea of not having to mount a gauge while still being able to monitor the A/F ratio at any time sounded so perfect. I was able to install both the OT-2 and the LC-1 wideband easily and cleanly, you can’t even tell they are on the car.

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