ALPHA 10 843WHP on 93 octane!, Agent orange gets an update :)

Not that long ago ALPHA 9 equipped Operation Agent Orange went up for sale. It was not on the market long and a lucky Chicago Resident snatched it up and QUICK! Upon delivery of the car the new owner had a ton of Audio and interior work done to the car. In addition he contacted us for a an ALPHA 10 conversion and a 93 octane tune.

The results were GREAT and I’ll get to that in a minute for now lets walk you though some of he build pictures

The car was kept in pristine condition by the new owner and a really impressive Audio system and interior treatment was added to the car:

It’s time to pull the engine. With an AMS 3.8 liter race motor already installed this new owner just needed our ALPHA 10 turbo kit along with some fuel system enhancements.

Old ALPHA 9 turbos in great shape!
The new ALPHA 10 turbo hardware ready to be installed.

ALPHA 10 turbo kit going together very nicely!

Ready to reinstall the updated power plant!

During the install we took the opportunity to test fit our new fuel rail kit for the GT-R. As the engineers promised it fit like a glove. More info on this product soon to come!
The motor in IN and ready to hit the dyno!
Pictures really do this paint no justice! The car just GLOWS!!!

And now on to the dyno numbers. We knew the ALPHA 10 on the 3.8 was a great match. What really surprised us on this build was the amount of power and how fast this kit spools!!!!! on the street this car is making peak torque at right about 4000RPM! This is a mid 9 second capable street car in full street trim. I see a lot of cars come through here that I sit back and say “wow that would be one hell of a car to own” This setup officially tops that list!


  • AMS ALPHA 10 turbo kit
  • AMS 3.8L non sleeved Shortblock
  • AMS/ Sheptrans ALPHA 6+ Transmission build (dodson super stock clutch)
  • AMS ALPHA 10 Fuel system with 1000cc injectors
  • AMS ALPHA induction kit
  • AMS Front mount intercooler
  • AMS 90mm non resonated midpipe
  • AMS 90mm racing exhuast
  • Kelford A spec cams with Ferrea springs and retainers
  • AMS MAF Sensors
  • AMS MAP Sensor
  • Cobb AP
  • Professionally tuned on 93 octane by Chris Black of AMS Performance

Final numbers:

  • 843 Wheel horsepower
  • 679 Ft Lbs of Torque

Based on a 15% drivetrain loss that puts the ALPHA 10 at nearly 1000HP at the engine on 93 octane!!!!!



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