AMS Porsche 997 Turbo Performance Package Testing Is Underway

AMS Performance has been hard at work developing a power upgrade package for the Porsche 997. This package offers similar upgrades to our highly acclaimed Alpha 9 GT-R Package. We still have a few more steps before the entire package is complete, but with the prototype turbo system together, we plan to bring our Porsche 997 test vehicle to the Texas Mile in an effort to collect more performance data.

Our performance package for the 997 will be fitted with larger billet-wheel turbochargers for increased power and torque. The billet aluminum compressor wheel ensures excellent spool-up characteristics and improved power throughout the engine’s rev range.

With just the billet wheel turbo system and aftermarket exhaust, our Porsche 997 produced 540 wheel horsepower on our Mustang Dyno using 93 octane. On race fuel, the numbers increased to 620 wheel horsepower and 615 ft/lbs torque.  We are pleased with these initial test numbers, but there are of course a few key components we are currently working on to add even more power.

After noticing some major restrictions in the stock intake, we felt it was necessary to design a smoother flowing intake y-pipe. Using SolidWorks and our CMM arm, our engineers were able to develop a less restrictive cast aluminum intake y- pipe.

In addition, the design of our Porsche 997 intercoolers are almost complete and the prototype will be ready for testing within the next month. With the intake/intercoolers combined, airflow will be improved and charged air temperatures will be lowered; achieving a higher level of power than with the billet wheel turbo system alone.

To all Porsche 997 owners, we hope to have the complete package finalized within the next few months. We’ll be sure to post our progress on!

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