NY Giants Brandon Jacobs ALPHA 9+ R35 GT-R

Brandon Jacobs AMS Alpha 9+ R35 Gt-R

A little while ago we were contacted by NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs. Aside from being a standout running back in the NFL he is also one of the biggest car nuts you will ever talk to. Brandon can talk for hours about all things auto and has a true passion for our shared hobby.

Over the past few weeks we have been building a new version of our ALPHA 9 package for Brandon. Aptly named the ALPHA 9+ we selected some slightly larger turbo chargers that we felt would not only maintain perfect spool time but allow for a nice bump in power. With standard ALPHA 9 packages doing about 680-700whp on pump gas and 780-800 on race gas we were hoping for a nice 50whp bump.

Brandon came to us with a very specific goal. He wanted an even faster GT-R than he already had (700whp on 100octane as it was brought to us), one that his inner circle of colleagues couldn’t touch. You see even top tiered NFL players still have the same issues with pesky cars trying to dethrone the GT-R.

Brandon , our sales associate Dan Macro and myself spoke a lot over the next few weeks. Each time Brandon was more and more excited to get his baby back. A friendly rivalry was building amongst Brandon’s friends and a line of potential opponents was starting to form while he patiently awaited for the completion of his ALPHA 9+ GT-R.

Brandon said every time another opponent lined up a challenge for the car’s return he would just smile and humbly accept it. The smack talk was starting to get thick but Brandon held strong.

His ALPHA 9+ was almost complete. With our new larger turbo chargers and intakes pipes installed we were about ready to deliver Brandon the car he had asked for

The car was completed by our experienced technician Eric Jones and it was ready for AMS tuner Chris black to fire up the laptop and start tuning!

As expected the HP bump was just what Brandon and we had hoped for. A nice gain over the ALPHA 9 package and no loss in spool or response.

753 Wheel Horsepower on pump gas
837 Wheel Horsepower race gas

Well last week Brandon was in the sporting news. Brandon had a tough game week 8 against the Dolphins. In an interview after the game he made the following statement:

“I’ve got nothing positive to say.The most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That’s it.”

Well Tuesday came and Brandon’s “fast ass” car was delivered. His AMS ALPHA 9+ GT-R!!!

While out at SEMA I made it a point to call Brandon on Tuesday to get his first hand account of the car and his first impressions.  Brandon was ECSTATIC!! The car was everything he had ever hoped it would be and more…. and that was on PUMP gas!

I got a text later that afternoon “It’s making me smile ear to ear”

He said he was afraid to try race gas as he feared it would be so addicting he would never want to go back to pump. Apparently he wasn’t too afraid because he had four 54 gallon drums of race gas delivered to his house LOL!

So what happened to all those potential opponents you ask? I asked Brandon the same thing and his response was “E, They just keep coming up with excuses…”

Oh and for you football fans this past week after taking delivery of his ALPHA 9+ GT-R the NY Giants played the New England Patriots. Brandon had 100 all purpose yards and a touchdown, he was possessed!

He just needed some ALPHA seat time is all.

Brandon, congrats on your new ALPHA 9+ GT-R and I hope it gives you years of smiles!!!

Welcome to the ALPHA family!

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