Well  unfortunately we were unable to hit our goal of attending the Fall Texas Mile with the Hearse due to other shop priorities, but we are happy to be working on the project again. We are still pleased to have Shane Smith on the project finalizing the fabrication side of things and he has been turning out some trick stuff.

The cooling system was an area to address once the turbo system was complete. We want to be sure we keep things cool on those hot/humid Chicago days running the A/C or flying down the Texas Mile in the heat. We decided to custom fabricate a huge dual pass radiator which measures 3.5x18x34 with an integrated coolant overflow tank. The radiator was also recessed into core support for additional space allowing us room to run a Taurus fan which is often used in conversion which flows a whopping 4500 cfm. The water pump was also modified and custom upper and lower radiator hoses fabbed to work around the turbo system components.

We have our head GM tech, Lance Cain, working on the other details of the build.. fuel system, brake lines, wiring, etc. Lance has been working with our friend Randy @ Yates EFI on a very custom engine harness for the build. This is going to really clean up things under hood compared to our original plans on a modified harness.  We are also adding a few gauges to keep tabs on engine vitals.

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Stay tuned for updates as we push forward on the unique project


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