ALPHA 10 in the UAE goes 9.80@153 back to back

We wanted to congratulate our dealer Tensai Tuning and their customer Ahli out of Abu Dhabi / UAE for running quite an impressive time this past weekend at the MEGTROC and GTZ Charity Drag Event.

The car was built and tuned by local AMS Dealer Tensai Tuning to a very conservative 860whp/800tq on their very low reading mustang Dyno. From what we know of this dyno it would be roughly 950-975whp on our Dynojet.

Despite some fairly poor track conditions Ahli was able to go out and run two back to back [email protected] (153.7mph) passes. Making him currently the quickest R35 GT-R in the UAE.

Congratulations to Ahli and Tensai tuning for the great run and we are sure with better conditions an even quicker and faster time is right around the corner!

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Quote from Crank and Piston Magazine

Big news for Middle Eastern Nissan GTR tuning took place this past weekend at the MEGTROC and GTZ Club Middle East run event supported by Nissan ME, held at Yas Marina. Numbers have been falling all over the world as people get to grips with just how much power they can shovel through the GTR’s accommodating chassis. However other than a couple of cars in Bahrain, we havn’t been seeing regular and strong numbers coming out of the UAE.

Owner of the car you see above, MA, put fix to that though. He rolled into the box and pulled a [email protected] out of the bag and then backed it up with a [email protected]… pretty consistent we think you’ll agree.

Now, this is no lightweight racer of a car, which makes the achievement even more impressive. It’s actually a full weight Alpha 10 GTR that turned up to the track with no support crew, no special prep, other than a tank of juice and from what we hear it was only the second time the car has hit the strip, so all being well the numbers will keep tumbling.

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