Full Weight ALPHA 16 runs 8.11 @ 176mph

We recently took Mike C’s 1600whp ALPHA 16 down to Texas for some pre-delivery testing. The results were phenomenal.

Alpha 16 Runway Testing

First we visited Caddo Mill’s Airfield, home of the Texas Invitational Roll Race Competitions. There Amar Sood, founder of the Texas Speed Syndicate (TSS) set up the timing equipment for some testing. Although we were not able to run a full half mile due to a short shut down area we were still able to do a 0-200 mph blast in just 2297 feet on 20? street tires! Our top speed of the day was 201.98 mph which set a new record for the Caddo Mills Airfield for the fastest vehicle ever recorded. Faster than any plane, motorcycle or car.

Alpha 16 Drag Strip Testing

The next day we headed to the Houston area to Royal Purple Raceway for a special TSS drag event. Special projects technician Ivan Phipps first shakedown pass netted an easy 8.66 @ 170mph. From there AMS lead tuner Chris Black crept up on the tune to a 8.25 and then a 8.11 @ 176mph! Not bad for a FULL WEIGHT GT-R. On the scales it tipped in at just over a stock GT-R weight of 3855lbs. (4060 with driver). Mike decided 8.1 was a fast enough for the day so we didn’t get the chance to run the highest boost setting.

The effortless progression to the 8.1 pass was enough to prove this Alpha 16 is capable of a 7 second pass – especially since the highest boost setting was not used. However, Mike will be the one to run it at a later date after a bit more seat time.

Although Mike is a seasoned road racer, roll racer and standing mile driver this was going to be his first trip down the dragstrip in over 20 years! Some practice runs were necessary and it was now time for Mike to run his Alpha 16 GT-R for the very first time. We handed the keys to Mike for his first pass in his beast. With the car on its low boost setting the AMS team gave him some instructions on launching his ALPHA 16 and off he went laying down two high 8 second passes of his own!


Mike’s ALPHA 16 was the fastest car at the TSS drag event. This was an achievement in itself as the day saw the likes of boosted Ford GT’s, slicked up fully caged race spec Supras, back halved Camaros, Vipers and more. The car logged some really impressive numbers as well through the v-box:

0-60 mph – 1.63 seconds (new GTR record)

60-130 mph – 2.98 seconds

100-150 mph – 2.79 seconds

This latest pre-delivery testing shows how we can optimize a customer’s vehicle with our on-track support program. We plan on offering this program to all customers that want a little more one on one time with our staff and the car prior to taking delivery. Taking delivery of an ALPHA powered car is a remarkable experience and we feel this new program will make the experience that much better.

Big Thank You to TSS

Thank you to The Texas Speed Syndicate for the use of the airfield and for the invitation to your drag event. Of course thank you to Mike C for choosing AMS for your big power needs and for the opportunity to show you what a GT-R can do.

Alpha Elite Inductee

With his back-to-back 8 second passes, Mike is now an inducted member of AMS’ Alpha Elite Program

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