Late last year we sent our new 93 octane, 1,000hp GT-R package Ronin to Michigan so the guys at Car and Driver could put it to the test. After testing was complete we were eager to see what the largest automotive publication in the US had to say, and we got our answer in the June 2014 issue. “The quickest road car we’ve ever tested” is the tagline in the table of contents. In Car and Driver’s 59 years of circulation, our Ronin package clocked the fastest quarter mile time of any street car they have ever driven! Article
This accomplishment did not come easy, testing conditions were less than favorable as the cold temperatures had arrived in Michigan a bit early – it was only 15 degrees when the GT-R was put through its paces, but the 285/335 Pilot Super Sports got the traction to the ground on the cold, un-prepped surface and clicked off a 9.9@150mph (10.0@149MPH with weather correction factor).
Be sure to pick up the June 2014 issue of Car and Driver to see what else they had to say about our Ronin Package and check out the Ronin website HERE

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