We hoped that it would never come to this but sadly we are forced to make this post.  Well over three years ago we sought out to develop a billet block for the GT-R. We could have simply copied the stock design and replicated it here in house, but with many areas open to be improved, we wanted to start with a fresh approach. After discussions with several companies we settled on a shop and struck up an exclusivity agreement. They had experience with billet blocks and were somewhat local so we thought we would be in good hands. The whole story is long and enough to make your head spin but we will try to shorten things up.


Over the three plus years working with this company, we failed to get them to produce a viable product. Hundreds of hours in testing and design data were sent to them trying to explain how to fix the multitude of mistakes and issues with the design and execution of this block.  To this day, numerous issues still plague the project. We have invested over $100,000 in testing, time, research and material.  In that time we received three EXTREMELY substandard versions which required a lot of welding, re-machining and re-engineering to even test. During our time working with this machine shop, we have had the chance to discuss our experiences with other people in the industry and found that our experiences were the norm rather than the exception. Empty promises, missed deadlines, longevity and resolution of future issues were also noted by others.  Unfortunately this whole experience has left us with nothing we would feel comfortable selling let alone putting our name on.

Why does this affect you? It has been brought to our attention that despite our exclusivity agreement, the company through the help of a GT-R owner, has been taking orders for this block on the side in an attempt to move product. It is being marketed as the “AMS billet block” which is not the case. This current design is not viable and is not something we would put our name on. The block is not even close to a representation of what we would sell.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. A couple years into this project, fearing the company would never be able to make good on their agreement, we started working with another machine shop. Together we have been able to implement what we have dubbed our Version 2 block design. This V2 ALPHA Billet Block is the same block currently in Omega and going into Gidi’s “ALPHA G” GT-R along with several other upcoming builds.  THIS is the AMS/ALPHA block.  Please do not be duped.  We would hate to see our customers and friends waste money on something that is not going to be a viable product for their car.

Again, our concern is that GT-R owners will be presented this flawed design as if it were the “AMS GT-R Billet Block” or Alpha GT-R Billet Block”. Thank you for reading through and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You may contact us at [email protected]

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