Mark’s Memorial Drag Day

Last Friday the performance community came together to remember our co-worker, our friend, and our brother Mark.

“Mark’s two biggest passions in life were cars and computers.” This quote from one of Mark’s best friends was the driving force in the creation of the drag day in his memory. It is also what made it easy for us to choose the Computer Clubhouse as the beneficiary of the donations to be made in Mark’s name. Sponsors raced to donate their products helping us attract a crowd and that is exactly what happened.

When the gates opened to Great Lakes Dragaway on the morning of the event racers poured into the paddock. We were in awe at the amount of the support from the racing community. Another aspect that was truly jaw dropping was the wide variety of racecars that waited quietly in anticipation of the Announcer’s call to the staging lanes. From daily drivers, to top alcohol dragsters, and everything in between it was a sight to behold. Finally word crackled over the loud speakers,”The staging lanes are open!”

As the racing started you just knew it was going to be a special day. The air was a cool which was abnormal for a day in the closing days of July. The clouds looked like popcorn floating in the sky. The corn in the field adjacent to the track reached high towards the clouds. The first racers of the day headed towards the tree.

The first car broke the beam, lighting up the second set of staging lights. The green lights sparked and started us off on what turned out to be a perfect day.

Free Raffle Winners:

  • Matco Digital Torque Wrench:  Eric Larkey
  • Turn 14 Hawk Brakes Gift Cert: Paul Szuba
  • Forced Performance Evo Exhaust Manifold: Dominic Markiewicz
  • HRP Battery Charger: Jeremy Cliff
  • Moroso Air Oil Separator Kit: Ashley Storvick
  • Forged Motorsports R35 Waste-gates: Jason Tanin
  • Ferra 4g63 Valves: Steven Thompson
  • AEM Gift Certificate For X-Series Gauges: Mike Reichen
  • AEM Gift Certificate For X-Series Gauges: Aj Austin
  • Syvecs Picnic Basket: Aby John
  • Cobb Accessport: Aylin Ariza
  • Fuel lab Regulator: William Kubov
  • Fuel lab Regulator: Tuan Tran
  • Kelford Evo X TMP Cams: Alex Manalo
  • Manley $500 Gift Certificate: Vanessa Navarrete
  • EcuTeck Programming Kit: Joey Vittorio
  • Koza Automotive $250.00 Gift Certificate: Nathan Hamilton
  • Injector Dynamics Universal F750 Fuel Filter Gift Certificate: Brandon Ryan
  • Mickey Thompson $500 Gift Certificate: Asim Chugtai

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