R35 GTR 18 Injector Carbon Fiber Manifold

The original Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold was painstakingly designed by AMS to be the most efficient and power producing manifold available. Now, AMS has now made it possible to run 18 Injector Dynamics injectors (not included) in the same award winning design! Attention to every detail was accounted for when creating this high performance induction component. On looks alone, you might agree, it makes the perfect centerpiece for your GTR’s engine bay. However, if you’re familiar with the Alpha product line, you already understand that our aspiration has always been to offer you much more!

The Difference Is In The Details

Each 18 injector manifold is matched to its upper and lower running section to maintain the perfect flow of air from the throttle body to the cylinder heads. To achieve this, our engineers called for very tight tolerances where the upper and lower sections adjoin. That wasn’t enough though. To perfectly align the upper and lower ports, they took it a step further and installed dowel locating pins to ensure there were no steps or protrusions that could cause unnecessary turbulence found on other aftermarket manifolds.

R35 GTR intake

Rigorously Tested To Last

We wanted to offer an intake manifold with the highest level of strength and reliability so we teamed up with an expert in the field.  Using aircraft grade epoxies and carbon fiber layering methods, we constructed a manifold that would match the strength tolerances of key components used in the aerospace industry.  We then cycle tested our finalized design 144,000 times from 0–50psi in a high heat environment in order to replicate over 20 years of operation by the average GT-R owner! In the end, a burst test was performed where the test manifold was subjected to over 150psi! No other manifold on the market has undergone such grueling tests!

Third Fuel Rail Engineered To Support Incredible Power

For extremely high-powered GT-Rs, provisions on the manifold and an additional Alpha fuel rail are installed which will supply enough fuel to feed a VR38 engine capable of producing over 2000+ horsepower. Positioning of fuel injectors is critical since optimizing the spray angle of the injector can improve fuel atomization and efficiency. Our engineers took all of these ideas to heart when designing our third rail setup to support a total of 18 individual injectors.

R35 GTR intake

Additional Support With Optional Alpha Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies

Outgrown the stock GTR throttle bodies? If your car is making over 800HP, they are probably a restriction. We manufacture the largest throttle bodies for the R35 GT-R – designed to work with this intake manifold.

R35 GTR Intake

Exclusive Benefits

  • Same Championship Winning Design as our 12 Injector Version
  • Capable of utilizing 18 Injectors (not included)
  • The most powerful VR38 intake manifold on the market
  • Show stopping design
  • Over 30% lighter than the leading cast intake manifold
  • Dowel pin aligned for smooth, continuous flow between upper and lower runners
  • Dual MAP sensor ports allow for monitoring bank to bank differences in boost pressure
  • Extra vacuum ports on plenums
  • Upgrading from a 12 injector to an 18 injector center section is an option


  • Carbon fiber manifold plenums
  • Billet upper and lower runner sections


  • Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Big Bore Billet Throttle Bodies Available
  • Custom Color Matching of Intake Runner Anodizing Available Upon Request
  • Standard billet, Black, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red
  • CNC billet aluminum upper and lower section gasket
  • Evap solenoid mounting bracket
  • Throttle body and lower intake manifold gaskets
  • All necessary vacuum fittings and hardware


  • 2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R
  • Fits all USDM, JDM, Gulf, and European Models (LHD & RHD)

Product Notes

  • Custom PCV routing would be needed if the owner wishes to retain its functionality
  • Alpha upper intercooler pipe adapter for current Alpha intercooler piping or full Alpha Induction Kit is required.
  • Injectors, injector wiring, and fuel lines are not included and must be custom designed and built.
  • While other fuel rail kits may work (stock rails are not compatible), AMS can only guarantee AMS Fuel Rails to be compatible with this intake manifold.
  • Custom color anodizing can add 2-4 weeks to build time.

R35 GTR Intake

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