?First Z in the 9s!?

With the last bit of good weather in Chicagoland this weekend, the AMS team thrashed to get the Z ready for the track. Installing a set of Pure 800 turbos, as well as installing coilovers and various SPL suspension links, we had the power and the traction to push the car further at the track.

Right off the trailer, the AMS Z ran a 10.15 @ 134 MPH quarter mile, so we knew the car was running well, and getting close to that 9 second pass. Despite a massive 20+ mile per hour headwind to contend with, we were able to improve our time to a few 10.0X runs, and then finally clinched a 9.92@137 MPH pass!

This makes it the first new Z to break the 9 second quarter mile barrier, all while still utilizing the stock engine and transmission!

9.92 @ 137 MPH 1/4 Mile
2.46 0-60 MPH
6.32 60-130 MPH
719 WHP
592 TQ

Mod List
AMS Cold Air Intakes
AMS Heat Exchanger
AMS Full Exhaust incl. Downturns
AMS VR30 Intercoolers
AMS Flex Fuel Kit w/ Fuel Filter
AMS Stage 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
✅AMS Low Pressure Fuel Pump
AMS Fuel Pressure Sensor
AMS Stage 2 VR30 Injectors
Pure 700 Turbos
✅Coilovers and Misc. SPL Suspension Links
✅Hoosier 28″ D06 Tires
✅AMS e85 Flex Fuel Tune



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