?First Z in the 9s!?

With the last bit of good weather in Chicagoland this weekend, the AMS team thrashed to get the Z ready for the track. Installing a set of Pure Stage 2 turbos, as well as installing coilovers and various SPL suspension links, we had the power and the traction to push the car further at the track.

Right off the trailer, the AMS Z ran a 10.15 @ 134 MPH quarter mile, so we knew the car was running well, and getting close to that 9 second pass. Despite a massive 20+ mile per hour headwind to contend with, we were able to improve our time to a few 10.0X runs, and then finally clinched a 9.92@137 MPH pass!

This makes it the first new Z to break the 9 second quarter mile barrier, all while still utilizing the stock engine and transmission!

9.92 @ 137 MPH 1/4 Mile
2.46 0-60 MPH
6.32 60-130 MPH
719 WHP
592 TQ

Mod List
AMS Cold Air Intakes
AMS Heat Exchanger
AMS Full Exhaust incl. Downturns
AMS VR30 Intercoolers
AMS Flex Fuel Kit w/ Fuel Filter
AMS Stage 3 High Pressure Fuel Pump
✅AMS Low Pressure Fuel Pump
AMS Fuel Pressure Sensor
AMS Stage 2 VR30 Injectors
Pure Stage 2 Turbos
✅Coilovers and Misc. SPL Suspension Links
✅Hoosier 28″ D06 Tires
✅AMS e85 Flex Fuel Tune



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