24-Hour R8 DCT Upgrade

We recently had one of our Alpha 10 Twin-Turbo R8 customers contact us with a DCT issue. He had broken a half shaft and needed the transmission repaired as soon as possible. We were ready for the challenge.

The customer shipped us the transmission out of his 2017 Audi R8 and our technicians went to work. While we had the transmission the customer decided to take advantage of our V10 Huracan and R8 Dodson Motorsport DCT upgrades. We upgraded the rear differential, both half shafts, the clutch kit, installed billet baskets, and shipped it back to him all in 24 hours!

Needless to say, the customer was ecstatic with our 24-hour turnaround and now his DCT can handle everything our Alpha 10 Twin Turbo Package can throw at it. If you are in need of a quick upgrade for your Huracan or R8 DCT do not hesitate to contact our sales team today!

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