Watkins Glen Nationals 7/13

ust got home from Watkins Glen. Never been there before and didnt have a lot of practice time but it is such a nice track that I was really looking forward to racing there. There were 6 cars in the T2 field-BMW M3,Nissan 350Z, Camaro, Subaru STI and 2 Evos, I qualified 3rd. Rain was in the forecast but had not hit yet and at the last minute we got felt the first drops so in a huge rush we slapped on my new Toyo 888s as an intermediate tire since it wasnt raining really at that point and didnt want to chance going out on a dry track on Hoosier rain tires. Got to the grid and the 350z showed up with full rains. Once on the track it rained, then poured, then came down so hard that if you were on the highway you’d likely pull over and put your blinkers on. For us that meant doing about 120 instead of 145 down the back straight The Z had a big advantage in braking and turning with the Hoosiers, but I could pull him out of the corners once I got it pointed halfway straight. The Toyos did a real nice job but arent in the hoosiers league in heavy rain. The other cars were non issues. The Z and I traded leads 6 times (5 times on 1 lap alone) during the race and one lap from the end he tried to pass me on the outside of a hard left turn and wound up against the guard rail, eventually the tow truck pried him off. So we were able to get another win Thats 6 wins in a row for CJ and I, split evenly at 3 each. Goal is for him to win the SE division and me to win the NE Division. Thanks again AMS, the car ran flawlessly!!!! Ill get some video up soon.

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