Things have been really chaotic here at the shop this week. It seems all we have been working on are purpose built race cars. Well this is no exception. On monday Dave Kern and his AMS sponsored Pikes peak winning rally car showed up for an upgrade to say the least.

Dave and Allison were able to take first place in the time attack division at pikes peak last year and put in an AMAZING showing at rally events all over the Colorado area last year

Dave is putting aside the stock engine and 330whp in trade for an AMS built 2.3 stroker motor and all the fixins!

The AMS / NOS energy Pikes peak car getting a new power plant

what Mr Kern see’s as Alison (his wife) and himself pilot this car up 14,000 feet!

Danny our technician performing the work on the car

The old motor out and ready for the new power plant!

New AMS 2.3 Stroker motor complete with a prototype AMS F1-I intake manifold

Mr Kern himself juuuuuuust a bit excited for the switch

AMS fuel surge tank system now installed

New AMS motor about to be hoisted in.

The new power plant in the car complete with AMS WRC TR30R V-band Turbo kit

Most of Dave’s races require him to run a 34mm restrictor. To combat this we sourced a Garrett motorsports TR30R designed to work with a 34mm restrictor

Stay tuned as the season progresses to see how Dave and Allison’s new found power rockets them through the dirt in upcoming rally events

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