Customers Alpha Tuned E63 AMG 4Matic: 10K Mile Update

Alpha Performance customer “Dr. SS” who had his E63 AMG 4Matic tuned here at AMS/Alpha Performance last winter, just wrote to us with a 10,000 mile update – He seems to be enjoying the 700+ HP and 830 TQ without a single issue. Read his impressions of the Alpha tuned beast below!


“Sup guys been a while, been busy with work and have been driving my car a lot. Thought I’d post up an update on my Alpha tuned M157. Some of u may know I had a tuned 2013 which I logged 17k miles on before selling it for a 2014 E63 4matic S model.

Got the 2014 and immediately had it dynotuned by Alpha Performance I’m now at 10,000 miles.

What a perfect tune. I’ve driven the car in every season, and its just flawless. I’m addicted to the torque to the point that my GT-R just sits and collects dust.

The Alpha tune has been honed to perfection, when I tuned my car it was shifting harshly 2-3 in sport plus, Martin the president discovered that the factory tune cuts boost/fuel between shifts more aggressively as u go from s to s+, to give you a sensation of a firmer sportier shift, with over 700 ft/lbs the shift felt very abrupt, so Martin fine tuned it to perfection.

Car has run 10k miles on the Alpha tune with no hiccups. Driveability and reliability are exceptional. No changing spark plugs, no check engine lights, just no bull****

The power the custom tune makes is f’kng insane. I get tired of cars quick and get rid of them, in as little as 8 months to a year. I am completely addicted to this car. It’s the jack of all trades and the Alpha tune pays homage to the degree of engineering that goes into these cars themselves. Whenever I get the itch and I drive something else (with the exception of Alpha modded cars) they all feel completely gutless and anemic.

Anyways. Get your cars tuned!!! We live in good times rolling around in 700 ft/lbs to the wheels cars. My recommendation is to skip canned tunes and go for a custom dyno tune. After 10,000 miles of Chicago commuting I can say if you want peace of mind, take your car to Alpha Performance.”

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