The Road to 6

In order to understand what it means to be the first to run a 6 second pass in an R35 GT-R you have to know how AMS Performance got to this point. We have tapped former Vice President Arne Toman to share what it was like to be in the pits for the beginning of this...

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AMS Performance MKVII Golf R

The AMS Performance MKVII Golf R Project We’re very excited to be pushing the limits of the sport compact scene once again with our AMS Performance Golf R. The high-output third generation EA888 2.0T motor is a sturdy and efficient platform that has been responding...

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Alpha Rolls All 7’s at the World Cup

Alpha Performance's Triple Down at the GTR World Cup Pays Off BIG They say 7 is the luckiest number, but there wasn't any luck involved in getting not one, not two, but all three new "Alpha X" cars into the 7's at their debut event. It took hard work, intense...

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AMS Alpha GT-R Captures World Record

Alpha Runs for the Record As morning broke over the eastern horizon at Milan Dragway, near Detroit, the sun's yellow rays fell upon the starting tower. Everything was covered in a light blue hue muting the vibrant colors of fall. The Alpha Performance Team along with...

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AMS Alpha Sets New CLA World Record!

Alpha CLA 45 AMG runs wild at Byron Alpha Performance goes 11.6 Alpha Performance is very proud to announce that we have captured the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG world record in the quarter mile! With an incredible run of 11.68 at 117 miles per hour AMS launched itself...

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NEW Small Frame Gen II GTX Turbochargers

Produce up to 20% More Horsepower Garrett by Honeywell and AMS are excited to announce the release of their Gen II GTX Series turbochargers. The GTX2860R, GTX2867R, GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, as well as the GTX3582R are included in the release. The line received a...

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1000 HP Mid-Frame Turbocharger

Available Now: Mid-Frame 1000 HP GTX3584RS Turbocharger Garrett by Honeywell and AMS Performance, are excited to announce the release of Garrett's newest turbocharger, the GTX3584RS. The only mid-frame turbocharger on the market capable of producing 550 - 1000...

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Garrett Reverse Rotation Turbochargers

Brand New Garrett Reverse Rotation GTX Gen II Turbochargers The ability to create more flow Garrett GTX Gen II Reverse Rotation turbochargers are the newest product offering from Garrett by Honeywell. Available in four sizes: the GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, and...

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The goal of AMS is to provide the highest quality, best performing products available.
By utilizing research and development and rigorous testing programs AMS will never compromise the quality or performance of our products.