AMS Performance VW Golf R MKVII Downpipe

The AMS Performance VW MKVII Golf R Downpipe

AMS Performance is first in class because of our long history of durability and performance with industry leading engineering. We are extremely excited to introduce the newest product in the AMS engineering and performance tradition, the AMS Performance VW MKVII Golf R Downpipe, Midpipe combination! Our downpipe upgrade is the perfect piece to power up the performance of your high-output third generation EA888 2.0T motor!

Unmatched Construction

The AMS Engineering team utilized Solidworks© (3D software) to blueprint the inlet and outlets with smooth features and geometry to optimize exhaust flow. They then 3D printed the down pipe to ensure an OEM level of fitment before casting the very first article! The AMS VW MKVII Golf R Downpipe, Midpipe upgrade, unlike some of the competition, also comes complete with a laser cut form fitted heat shield to protect critical components that sit close to the downpipe. This includes the ABS module and it’s plastic heat shielding. The AMS Golf R downpipes feature 4mm thick cast stainless steel upper section that retains as much heat as possible keeping it out of the engine bay. By casting these downpipes in robust 304 stainless steel we were not limited by the design constraints of hand fabricated construction.

AMS Performance VW Golf R MKVII Downpipe
The Solidworks© designed laser cut heat shield by the AMS’ Engineering Team.
The Upper Downpipe features a V-Band connection and port matched wide mouth opening.
The Upper Downpipe features a V-Band connection and port matched wide mouth opening.

The Pinnacle of Performance

The AMS MK7 Golf R Downpipe, Midpipe Combination features an extremely wide mouth that matches the exact shape and size of the turbine outlet. This increases overall turbine efficiency and performance due to a larger pressure ratio between exhaust manifold and downpipe. The long gradual transition within the downpipe section allows exhaust gasses to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the system. The AMS system includes a fully widened 3″ upper downpipe, midpipe, and subtle transition pipe to adapt to your factory exhaust components!

The AMS Performance VW Golf R MKVII Downpipe, Midpipe, and transition.
The AMS Performance VW Golf R MKVII Downpipe, Midpipe, and transition combination.

Unmistakable AMS Performance Exhaust Note

The AMS Performance VW MKVII Golf R Downpipe, Midpipe Combination upgrade offers a more pronounced, throaty exhaust note under wide open throttle yet is quite subtle at idle. Our AMS Engineering Team created a spectrogram that helped them identify and prevent harmonic issues in the exhaust that create drone. This type of engineering and testing allows us to build performance parts that stand head and shoulders above the competition! It’s a perfectly balanced sound for your ultimate, all around, hot hatch!

The Limited Edition Titanium “AMS” logo will appear on the first 100 downpipes sold.

The Difference Is In The Details

Another unique benefit is our motorsports grade catalytic converter option. These GESI brand 300 cell count Ultra High Output (UHO) units provide virtually no disruption in flow providing emissions control with no notable loss in horsepower. For durability these converters feature a staked in design to hold the catalyst cores firmly in place. Many competitors offer a low quality catalytic converter option to keep the cost low and their profits high. These units often fail due to poor construction and inferior materials. When you choose an AMS Performance VW MK7 Golf R Downpipe, you will remain worry-free for years to come.
The AMS Golf R Downpipe, Midpipe, transition uses the Highest Quality GESI brand catalytic converter.

The Benefits of the AMS VW Golf R MK7 Downpipe Midpipe Combination

  • Includes 3″ Upper Downpipe, Midpipe, and Subtle Transition
  • Upper Section is Cast in Robust 304 Stainless Steel
  • Hand Crafted TIG Welded Construction
  • Solidworks© Designed for Ultimate Exhaust Performance
  • Pre-Installed Laser Cut Heat Shield
  • Motorsport Quality Catalytic Converter or Race Only Options
  • Drastically Increased Exhaust Gas Flow
  • AMS Logo Lets Your Competition Know You Mean Business!
  • Exclusive Limited Run of 100 Titanium Logos on the Lower Bracket
  • Direct Bolt-on Installation, Requires No Cutting or Drilling
  • Can Be Used on Stock or Modified Vehicles
  • Comprehensive Installation Instructions

Order the AMS Performance Golf R MKVII Downpipe Midpipe Combination Today!

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